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Good Stuff Ahead! brings together excellent products from around the internet for reddit communities.

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Books to make you a better Clojurist. Includes titles on Functional Programming and Lisp.

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The best coffee products for all levels of addiction. Whether you just want to brew a quick cup or you're seeking coffee nirvana, these items will do the job.

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The best books on designing for visual mediums. Includes universal fundamentals, graphic design, web design, data and interaction design. By the author of Clean Up Your Mess!

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Books to become a better Rubyist, including OOP and FP titles. Compiled by a Rubyist of 7 years.

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The best Sci Fi books out there, with a good mix of obscure titles

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Do you carry your own mini bottles of sriracha in your pocket? Are your friends sick of hearing you say, "You know what would go good with that?" Then this is the page for you.

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The best books on HTML! CSS! JS! Basic design! And backends! Compiled by a developer of 13 years.